Why should dog lovers take courses?

Here at the Canine Behaviour College we believe anyone who deals with dogs regularly can benefit from well run and professionally designed training courses. Here are just a few reasons why we feel courses are a good investment of time and money for anyone who cares about dogs.

Aids understanding

Dogs are complex animals and dog behaviour is highly intricate. Most people who love dogs and spend time with them will soon recognise the basics, such as when a dog is anxious, fearful or aggressive. But the more subtle details of when and why a dog might feel that way and the warning signs of problem behaviours brewing can be harder to spot. These details can help owners and handlers intervene quickly and protect their dog and others around them before trouble arises, and this is where training is invaluable. 

Builds confidence

Any experienced, successful dog handler will tell you that confidence is essential to establish a respectful relationship with your charge. Confidence comes from thorough knowledge and understanding of the animal you are dealing with. Successful completion of courses helps pet owners and aspiring trainers and handlers to gain complete confidence in their ability to correctly care for and manage even more difficult dogs. 

Helps to forge a new career

If you are looking to start working with dogs in any capacity, whether that’s as an employee in someone else’s business or by starting out self employed, successful completion of a relevant course or series of courses will greatly enhance your prospects. Courses like these clearly indicate your level of expertise and knowledge, and are valuable whether you are looking to attract new custom or secure investment from a bank or other financial lender. 

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