Puppy Training Course Certificate

Puppy Training Certificate Course

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Puppy Training Certificate Course

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Puppy Training Course

Course Price:  £165

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and courses registration)

Continued Professional Development

This course counts for 20 hours Continued Professional Development (CPD)

The puppy training course, just like all our other educational opportunities, is license by the ABC Awards and by NCFE.

This course will appeal to those who are seeking to work with dogs and puppies in a professional capacity and new puppy owners.  Training a puppy is a very time consuming process and much more than just getting the dog to respond to cues. It is important for the dog to respond to instruction, not just because it is inconvenient if your dog does not come when called but also for the safety of your dog and others.

Puppy Psychology

Of equal importance is that the puppy learns how to behave within the family unit and how to interact with other dogs, animals and people, both inside the privacy of the home and public environment.  From the moment the puppy first arrives in the home, the clock is ticking for each development period.

The most important element of training a puppy is to instill good behaviours and habits into the puppy before bad habits form. A puppy’s mind is a blank canvas, primary learning patterns are taught to the puppy and they will hopefully be built on in later life. Importantly training can be, and should be, carried out by all members of the family, including children.

A well-behaved puppy will grow into a well-behaved dog. Proper training is essential from day one to ensure a smooth and non-traumatic process.

To become a good puppy trainer, you will learn all the basics of puppy psychology and the ways to ensure a successful process for everyone involved.

 Puppy Training Course Modules:

Module 1 - Needs of a Young Dog

Module 1 looks at the needs of puppies and young dogs. It is focused on health and welfare. Each development stage is looked at in detail. Module 1 looks at the world through the eyes of a puppy and provides a guide to meeting their needs.

Module 2 - How Puppies Socialise

Module 2 looks at the role of socialisation and how to do it successfully.

Whether socialisation takes place with humans, other dogs or another species, puppies need to learn the rules and act accordingly. The different ways they relate to and interact with objects are a main topic in the second part of the puppy training certificate course.

At the very beginning of the course, you will receive two free ebooks that are created by the same people who will teach you. They are called Volunteering with Animals and Working with Animals.

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Course Price:  £165

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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