Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Diploma Course Level 3

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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking  Course

Course Price:  £339

£175  3 x monthly payments of £60.

This pet sitting and dog walking course is aimed at people who are looking to create and run a professional pet sitting and walking business. The courses are developed by highly qualified teaching staff. A modern approach towards the subject is also defining for the quality of the course.

This is a six-module course that predominantly focuses on theory. A practical training day is also available to be added to the curriculum, providing students both the knowledge and the skills required to run a pet sitting and dog walking business.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Diploma Course Details:

Module 1 – First Aid for Companion Animals

Companion animals have specific needs. If the pet you have been entrusted with needs emergency care, you must be able to provide it in an adequate manner. The specifics of companion animal first aid is covered in this first module. You will learn how to put together a first aid kit, how to deal with open wounds and how to improvise various items when necessary.

Module 2 – Dog and Cat Care

Module 2 covers general cat and dog welfare and health care. You will learn to recognise the symptoms of a canine or feline medical problem and how to consider environmental enrichment.

Module 3 – Caring for Small Animals

Many pet sitters have to care for small animals as a part of their work. The third module focuses on providing natural and optimal mental and physical stimulation for small pets. You will discover the right ways to feed, handle and care for such animals.

Environmental enrichment is also a focus for this module.

Module 4 – Professional Responsibilities

The fourth module of the course focuses on the legal matters related to staying at someone else’s property. You will learn emergency procedures and security measures.

Module 5 – Being a Professional Dog Walker

The fifth module emphasises dog walking. This section covers all the different aspects of walking canines including equipment, legal matters, how to handle emotional and hyperactive dogs and understanding aggression in dogs. As with all our courses, this course only recommends force free training and does not promote the use of aversive tools.

Module 6 – Business Matters

The last module is all about handling your own business and working as a self-employed individual. Currently, the module is optional. We will provide you with an overview of the legal necessities for establishing the practice. Knowing how to handle such administrative aspects is essential for running a successful business.

Course Price:  £339

£175 followed by 3 x monthly payments of £60.

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

The 1 Day Practical Dog Walking Course can be added to this course and this provides an intensive 1 to 1 training day with a professional dog walker. This is a great way to gain hands-on experience and to put your theory knowledge on this subject into practice. The Practical training is held in Buckinghamshire.

£449 (Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Diploma course AND the 1 Day Practical Dog Walking Course)

£230 followed by 3 x monthly payments of £90

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