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Kennel Assistant Diploma Course, Level 3

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ABC Awards

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This course counts for 110 hours Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Kennel Assistant Diploma Course Level 3

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Kennel Assistant Jobs Course


Course Price:  £699

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£325 followed by 5 x monthly payments of £90 (includes optional practical

This is a distance learning course aimed at people who want to work at kennel assistant jobs with dogs that spend time in kennels.

The Kennel Assistant Diploma Course is accredited by the ABC Awards under certificate number QLS-01976. The recognition by a reputable awarding body allows everyone who graduates from our course to apply for work in a charity organisation, rehoming facility, boarding kennel and professional dog businesses.

Kennel Assistant Jobs Diploma Course Overview:

The Kennel Assistant Jobs training consists of six individual modules, each one taking a deep look into a specific aspect of caring for dogs.

Module 1 – Covering the Basics

This module covers the basics of canine needs. Students learn the Five Freedoms, how to react to a dog’s needs, how to comprehend the dog’s behaviour and act accordingly. The module outlines proper care for dogs. The strongest emphasis during the course is placed on feeding dogs to meet their specific nutritional needs. Also, students will learn how to respond to the dog’s emotional states.

Module 2 – First Aid and Grooming

In the second module, we introduce the basics of canine health. We describe the benefits of regular grooming and how to perform it according to breed specifics.

The tutors will teach you how to assemble a basic first aid kit, how to use the first aid tools and supplies, how to recognise and treat most common canine emergencies. The course will also explain when you cannot treat wounds and illnesses on your own but would rather have to request specialised veterinary help.

Module 3 – Wellbeing of Rescued Dogs

In this module, you will understand the basic emotional states of a dog that has been abused. Specific signs and notions will be explained and the students will also go through practical exercises. The aspiring assistants will learn how to carry out initial care and how to improve the wellbeing of rescued dogs.

Module 4 – Disease Prevention

Hygiene is the top consideration of the module. A kennel assistant will need to know the basics of disease prevention techniques. We will present the signs of a healthy dog, as well as the signs of diseases and conditions that need immediate attention. The most common health problems will be outlined and you will learn how to prevent their spreading in the kennel environment.

Module 5 – Environment Enrichment

The fifth module in the Kennel Assistant Diploma Course focuses on understanding the emotional needs of a rescue dog. There is a focus on managing aggressive states and noticing the first signs of stress and anxiety. The successful student will know how individual dogs express their needs and emotions, as well as how to provide attention and care for aggressive and anxious dogs. Preventing the progression of emotional distress is also among the focal topics in the course.

Module 6 – Dog Bite Avoidance

As already mentioned, the course focuses extensively on canine aggression. During the studies, you will learn the basic reasons for this condition. Kennel assistants must know how keep themselves safe around dogs.

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Course Price:  £699


£325 followed by 5 x monthly payments of £90 (includes optional practical)

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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