Dogs and the Law

Dogs and the Law

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 Dogs and the Law Level 3 Course

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Dogs and the Law Course

Course Price:  £165

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and courses registration)

Continued Professional Development

This course counts for 20 hours Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Dogs and the Law Level 3 Course

This Level 3 course in dog law offers students a comprehensive understanding of the legislation in the UK which applies to dogs.

Our Dogs and the Law course is designed for dog wardens, animal welfare officers, environmental health officers and anyone working with dogs in a professional capacity. The course is intended to provide professionals the up to date information that they need to understand the legal framework applying to dogs and how to communicate relevant information to the public about these laws.

Dogs in Society

Animal law is an evolving area of the law and there has been considerable change in the laws applying to dogs and other animals in the last couple of decades, both locally, nationally and internationally. Interactions between humans and dogs and other animals can give rise to conflict which plays out in the courts and the number of cases involving dogs and other pets continues to rise. There are already more than 500 million dogs worldwide, making dogs the second most popular pets worldwide, hardly surprising given the millennia long history between our two species.

Dogs have historically played a variety of different roles in human societies and continue to do so. As pets, they are beloved members of the family. As working dogs, they also protect our homes and property, they serve in the military and police forces; they guard livestock, play sports and act as show animals, among their many other roles. Unfortunately, not all dogs are valued companions or working animals – many have been abandoned or become lost and live on the streets as strays or have ended up in shelters. Some are exploited in cruel sports like dog fighting, others are used in medical experiments or product testing.

Given how large of a part dogs play in our lives and our society, it is obvious that there is a need for laws to protect these animals and to look out for their wellbeing. However, laws are also needed to protect the human members of society from dogs and striking the right balance between these two overlapping interests is the focus of our Level 3 Dogs and the Law course. In this course, students will gain an understanding of the latest legislation regarding dogs in the UK, with an emphasis on the responsibilities of dog ownership, dog welfare and public safety. It is a course which is valuable to anyone whose career or volunteer activities involve working with dogs, as well as for dog owners who do not work in the animal care and welfare sector.

Dogs and the Law Certificate Course Modules:

Module 1 – Current Laws

The first module of the Dogs in the Law course explores the legal ramifications of the Animal Welfare Act and the Dangerous Dogs act and how these laws affect people who care for dogs as a career or in a volunteer capacity, as well as their effect on dog owners, all with an emphasis on canine welfare.

Module 2: The Responsibilities of Dog Ownership

Module 2 looks at the legal framework relating to the responsibilities of dog ownership. Students will learn about the legal issues regarding stray dogs, dog walking, bye-laws, dogs and livestock and dogs and trespassing, among other legal issues which affect dogs and their owners in the UK.

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Course Price:  £165

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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