Stray Dog Welfare

Stray and Feral Welfare Management Diploma Course

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Stray and Feral Welfare Management
Diploma Course  Level 3

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Stray Dog Welfare Course

Course Price:  £339

£175 then 3 x monthly payments of £70

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and courses registration)

Stray Dog Welfare Course Level 3

This course in feral and stray dog management course is an introductory course to the aspiring stray dog and feral cat assistant.

The course provides students with theoretical knowledge and background experience needed to work in animal welfare or as animal care professionals, volunteers, veterinary team members and international animal careers.

This course’s main aim is to provide extensive information about handling the stray animal population in a humane and gentle manner. Research suggests that nearly 80 per cent of the 600 million dogs in the world are strays. The figures are almost the same when it comes to cats. Hunger, disease, inhumane culling, injuries – these are some of the common problems strays meet on a daily basis.

Stray and Feral Welfare Management Diploma Course Details:

Module 1 – Acknowledging the Problems

Social differences, attitude issues, breeding and over-breeding, tourism and travelling, human neglect and ignorance are just some of the main issues causing the world’s animal welfare problem with stray cats and dogs.

The module will cover theoretical knowledge of the issues, including factual and statistical comparison of the problems experienced on different continents. The final part of the module will include a discussion of the need for managing stray populations and how we can help improve the overall condition of such animals.

Module 2 – Stray/Feral Population Assessment

As a student, you will gain complete understanding of the welfare issues in a specific area. You will learn the ways to measure, assess and analyse the extent of the stray/feral population. You will also study the ways to address such problems without impacting the communities severely.

The age of the animals studied, estimates, materials and equipment needed for successful assessment, local human population, capture methods, and human cooperation are all included in the assessment methods you will learn during the module.

Module 3 – Choosing the Solutions

Various types of solutions are utilised in different parts of the world – euthanasia, parasite control, vaccinations, spraying, castration, neutering, re-homing, foster homes, registration and identification, educating the locals, reducing the commercial supply and reproduction.

All of these are possible solutions but needless to say, their effectiveness is varied.. The third module will help you analyse the data and ultimately select the most appropriate solution to the ongoing animal-related issues via comparison, evaluation and measurement of the costs, benefits, possible and worst-case scenarios.

Module 4 – Progress Evaluation and Assessment of Intervention Results

Monitoring the success of an intervention project is one of the most important concluding phases. Within the fourth module of the course, you will benefit from the professional experience of our tutors. Learn the best practices in progress monitoring, local community measurement, observation techniques, data collection, repeat visits and more.

The module also gives you in-depth knowledge about scientific monitoring, the importance of continuous area overseeing and adequate note taking.

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Course Price:  £339

£175 then 3 x monthly payments of £70.

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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