Dog Training and Behaviour

4 Day Dog Behaviour and Training Course

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Continued Professional Development

This course counts for 32 hours Continued Professional Development (CPD)

4 Day Dog Behaviour and Training Course

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Dog Training and Behaviour Course

Course Price:  £850

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and courses registration)

With this course, students will have a dog training and behaviour tool that can help them to experience working with canine problems hands on.

This includes working with several different breeds of dogs, so that they can have some real world experience that will help them when they begin to work with them in the real world.

As part of this course, students will spend time working closely with a Dog Behaviourist and Trainer. These individuals have experience working with rescue dogs, and other canines that may have different behavioural issues that must be addressed. Since the course is one on one, you can have plenty of hands on experience that will ensure you receive the maximum benefit through this course.

Who Should Take the Course

Anyone who is interested in working with canines will find that this is one of the most important courses they can take. With real world experience with dogs that reflect many of the most common behavioural problems, this course is certain to be one that continues to offer some significant insight into the species.

Those who are interested in training dogs in general will also find this is a vital course. In it, the individual who works with canines will begin to explore techniques and handling skills that they can use with these animals in the future. This includes how to better manage dogs, without the use of any kind of force.

Instead, the focus goes on using training cues that the animal will understand. From here, there is a look at how a person can practice the skills they learned, do behaviour consultations to help those plagued with behavioural problems, and even gaining a deeper understanding of how to create behaviour plans that will work. It is important to understand that this course only focuses on items that are free of force, and designed to promote the safe handling and wellbeing of these animals. This course counts for 32 hours of continued professional development for those who are required to continue their education for licenses that they have.

4 Day Dog Training and Behaviour Course Details:

Day One

The first day of the course will cover the following areas:

  • Setting up your own training classes.
  • How to setup things like the hall.
  • A two hour intensive dog training with at least four types of dogs, so you understand how to teach basic obedience.
  • A critique of your training techniques, so you have an idea where you need to improve.

Day Two

Your second day in this course takes a look at a live behaviour consultation. As part of this section, you’ll prepare an effective behavioural modification plan for clients, so they can use it. You will also take the time to gain a deeper understanding of canine body language, a look at signals that can calm them, and a closer look at how to use rewards effectively for training. Finally, you will take a closer look at how to handle dog to dog aggression.

Day Three

On day three of this dog training and behaviour course, you’ll watch a behavioural consultation. This will help you to more effectively handle modification plans in the future.

Day Four 

On the fourth and final day of the course, you’ll have a look at dog training and behavior consultations. You’ll recap everything you’ve learned and watch a BAT that has been setup to monitor a rescue dog that way you receive a full rounded understanding of this process.

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Course Price:  £850

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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