Dog Pet Care Behaviour

Dog Care Behaviour & Welfare Diploma Course

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Dog Care Behaviour & Welfare Diploma Course

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Dog Pet Care Behaviour Course

Course Price:  £449

£230 followed by 3 x monthly payments of £90

Continued Professional Development

This course counts for 60 hours Continued Professional Development (CPD)

This dog pet care course is tutored by the Canine Behaviour College in Cambridgeshire, an integral part of Animal Jobs Direct. It is led by some of the best canine behavioural specialists in the country. We also work with companies, organisations and welfare charity foundations within the canine care and education industry to deliver practical, effective learning opportunities.

The course aims to provide students with an excellent opportunity to find a new career within the field of animal welfare and care. We can also help canine educators and trainers enhance their careers or find new employment opportunities.

People who work or plan to look for employment in boarding kennels, veterinary practices, animal welfare charities, and pet care are also going to gain essential skills by completing the course.

The Dog Pet Care Behaviour Course Details:

The course is organised into six modules, each one focusing on a specific aspect of dog care behaviour and welfare.

Module 1 – Health Monitoring

The first part of this course will teach you how to monitor dog behaviour and make regular checks of the animal’s habits, diet, exercise routines and worrying signs of unwanted behaviour. You will learn how to explore the daily, as well as the weekly regimes of the dogs you care for.

You will learn how to notice and record initial and secondary signs of known conditions. The course focuses on the most common symptoms of dog medical conditions and illnesses. Examples include the agents of disease, the vectors and disease transmission details. The following are examined in-depth: bacterial protozoan diseases, fungal and viral infections, abscesses and canine parasites.

Finally, the course will focus on the importance and effect of common health problems on the overall condition of the dog, the relationship between different medical conditions, the importance of vaccination and environmental factors that affect disease and transmission.

Module 2 – Nutrition

Students will learn the benefits of different food types and ingredients in Module 2. The module will also focus on the negative impact of certain foods on a dog’s wellbeing.

We will focus on separate nutritional groups like carbs, proteins, saturated and unsaturated lipids, vitamins and minerals, as well as fibre-rich foods. The course will examine the concentration of those in different ingredients and the dog’s specific macronutrient needs.

The final aspect of the module focuses on the nutrients needed to promote health, to stimulate healing or give the dog energy including minerals and vitamins.

Module 3 – Dog Psychology

This module focuses on seeing the world from a dog’s POV. Understand the way canines think and react to given stimuli. Discover the meaning of dog body language. Learn how to decipher emotional states from the way the dog acts. The course will give you understanding of common canine psychological issues and the ways to recognise them.

Module 4 – Transportation and Handling

The main emphasis in this module is transporting a dog from point A to point B in a humane, careful, and stress-free manner. This module discusses the ways to restrain, monitor and transport the dogs, while ensuring minimal stress and limiting the chance of the human getting bitten.

Module 5 – Exercise and Grooming

In this dog pet care module, you will learn the importance of regular physical exercise and dog grooming. Needless to say, you know that regular exercise is a crucial component of dog health. The module explores how environmentally-enriching and beneficial it can be.

The additional focus is on grooming. Grooming and bathing methods are explored.

Module 6 – Aggression and Stress Reduction

The sixth module of the dog pet care course will enable you to recognise how canine behaviour, psychological health and body language are linked. Discover the difference between passive and active aggressive behaviour, and varying responses will also be explored. Learn how to implement safety techniques and precautions within your routine when working with potentially aggressive dogs. Dog bite avoidance also forms part of this course.

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Course Price:  £449

£230 followed by 3 x monthly payments of £90

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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