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Dog Home Boarder Certificate Course

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Dog Home Boarder Certificate Course

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Dog Home Boarder Course

Course Price:  £165

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and courses registration)

Continued Professional Development

This course counts for 30 hours Continued Professional Development (CPD)

A dog home boarder certificate course prepares students for one of the most exciting industries. Those who love being around dogs will find this to be a rewarding and profitable career choice. Today, many dog owners would prefer to leave their beloved canine family member with an actual person, rather than use boarding kennels where their dog is confined for long periods of time.

Owners understand those who offer these services are more attentive and focused on their pets, and this allows the welfare of their animal to be taken seriously. For those who are using this as part of their continued professional development, the dog home boarder certificate course does count for 30 hours of CPD.

Dog Home Boarder Certificate Course Modules:

Module 1 – Canine Health and Welfare

In the first module, students will explore canine health and welfare. This section allows you to understand how to spot certain canine health conditions and how to address certain health concerns and parasites. By carrying out a daily health check, many of these problems and concerns are prevented or identified early on, preventing their health declining further.

This module covers basic first aid and handling skills for dogs. This ensures that you are giving them the best care possible when they are with you. For the first aid portion, you will explore both the rules and objectives that come with basic first aid and the kit that you should have in your home, understand how to prevent first aid situations and how to manage emergency situations. It is important to remember that first aid is an initial solution and more advanced concerns should always be referred to a professional vet.

Module 2 - Nutrition

Module 2 provides an insight into the nutritional needs of dogs and the role diet can play. Various nutrients and ingredients are examined and the dietary requirements for various life stages.

Module 3 - Insurance and Licensing Information

For the third module, students will be presented with insurance and licensing information. In this section, there is a closer look at the rules and regulations that are in place for both. There are also guidelines and other factors that students will need to consider in their professional career that will impact both. It is critical to understand the legislative responsibilities involved with home boarding and the required legislation. This comprehensive section provides the necessary insight into real world factors that will come up.

Why This Course it Important

This is perhaps one of the most important courses that students can take when it comes to boarding and caring for animals. It is important to remember that the focus of this course is on how to provide animals with the best care in your home and the needs and requirements taught in this course deal strictly with a self-employed, small business handled in the home, rather than through a professional kennel. Those interested in a larger scale solution should consider the other courses that are available. Typically, those who complete the home boarder certificate course will only take care of one or two animals at a given time, because of the attention that is required by these animals.

With this course, students will also receive a pair of e-books to expand on this area of expertise. Both the Volunteering with Animals and Working with Animals e-books are included at no additional charge for students. This informative set of books will give students a deeper understanding of caring for the animals they love and how to effectively work with them.

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Course Price:  £165

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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