Dog Day Care Business

Dog Day Care Business

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Dog Day Care Business Diploma Course

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Dog Day Care Business Course

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Our Dog Day Care Business Diploma Course course provides all the relevant information that you will need to learn how to successfully start and run your own dog day care.

It is a Level 3 Diploma course consisting of 4 modules, each covering a different facet of entering the dog day care industry and the skills and knowledge you need to run your new business.

Our pets are members of our families and we all want to make sure that they are properly cared for, even as our lives become busier and busier. We spend more time at work than ever and unfortunately, this means spending less time with our dogs than we’d like. In order to prevent pets from becoming bored and developing behavioural issues, they need mental and physical stimulation and company. For some people, this means hiring a dog walker to take their dogs out during the day while they are at work. Others choose a different solution which ensures that their dog receives care all day and plenty of opportunities for exercise and play: Dog Day Care Centres.

Canine day care businesses are becoming more and more popular with dog owners who want to make sure that their dogs stay happy and healthy even when they cannot be home to care for them. With the continued growth of the dog day care industry, it is a field that opportunities for people who are passionate about animals and are looking for a career which allows them to do what they love. Running a dog day care can be very rewarding both personally and financially, but of course, getting the proper training is key to operating a safe dog day care centre.

Module 1 - Starting a Dog Day Care Business

The first module of our day care business course covers all of the essentials of starting your first dog day care business. Here you will learn all of the basic steps that are part and parcel of setting up a new business. We cover how to write a business plan, how to find a location which is suitable for this type of operation, how to navigate the process of securing licensing for your dog day care, getting the insurance cover you need, planning a budget, the startup costs of a dog day care business and how to market and advertise your business to attract customers.

Module 2 - Running a successful Dog Day Care Business

The second part of our four module course gets into the details of running your business and making it a success. Subjects covered in this module include why you would want to open a dog day care business, setting prices which allow you to be profitable and competitive, the equipment that you will need for your business, hiring and retaining staff members and the day to day work involved in operating a dog day care.

Module 3 - Dog Day Care Routines and Services

This module takes you into the important facts about working with dogs. We cover how to determine which dogs are a good fit for your dog day care business, setting up appropriate daily exercise and play routines for your canine clients and understanding dog behaviour. The third module of our course also includes services which many dog day care businesses offer other than basic care, such as obedience training, transportation, grooming and others.

Module 4 - Canine Health, Welfare and First Aid

Running a successful business means understanding the issues related to canine health and being able to provide a healthy and safe environment for your clients’ dogs. Here you will learn how to carry out daily health checks on dogs, how to spot the signs of infectious disease and how to minimise the spread of these conditions. You will also learn what to do in the event of an emergency; this module also covers canine first aid.

Starting a canine day care business is a big step and no matter how much you love animals, it is not a decision to be entered into lightly, as this four module dog day care business will teach you. As a business owner, you will need to dedicate a significant amount of time and energy to your dog day care. Before you start your new business, make sure that you can provide the dogs in your care with the safe, healthy and stimulating environment they deserve without interfering with any other important commitments you may need to keep.

You will need to set aside time to market your business, plan for the future of your dog day care and do more paperwork than you might think. If your business is going to succeed, you also need to really understand dogs and their behaviour. Like us, dogs are individuals and every dog has their own unique personality and temperament. While this four module course will teach you a lot about canine behaviour and working with dogs, you may also want to get some additional hands on experience by volunteering at a dog rescue to get some additional training in dog care.

The more you know about dog care, the more successful your business will be. Our Dog Day Care Course will provide you with the head start you need to be prepared for everything from licensing to making sure that your clients will want to bring their dogs back to your dog day care centre again and again.

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Recent Reviews:

Canine Course Reviews

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