Canine Welfare and Dog Care

Canine Welfare and Dog Care

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Canine Care & Welfare Certificate Course

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Canine Welfare and Dog Care Course

Course Price:  £165

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and courses registration)

Continued Professional Development

 This course counts for 20 hours Continued Professional Development (CPD)

The Canine Welfare and Dog Certificate Course is designed for those who are interested in providing professional care for dogs. This includes those who are interested in becoming a dog sitter, dog walker, or working in a kennel. Even dog owners will find that this canine course provides them with the insight and expertise they need to provide for their dog as effectively as possible. When the course is finished, those who have successfully completed it will be better equipped to keep the dogs in their care healthy, and happy with relevant care tactics.

Canine Welfare and Dog Care Certificate Modules:

This Canine Welfare and Dog Care Certificate Course is broken down into two main modules for students to progress through. Each of the modules is designed to provide a deeper understanding of a key area in the care and welfare of canines.

Module 1 - Dog Health and Welfare

Module One touches on dog health and welfare. In this section of the course, there is an overview of how to perform the basic health care checks these animals need. Students will learn how to spot different disorders that pop up and the best course of treatment for addressing them. There is also a section that touches on parasites that can equally become a problem for the dogs in your care.

Module 2 - Nutrition for Canines

Module Two then explores the nutrition essential for canines and their care. Here, there is a closer look at the general care needs that dogs have. This section includes a look at what a balanced nutrition for dogs is and how different foods can impact their health. Students will also be provided with a closer look at each individual nutrient that the animal needs and why this nutrient is important to the health and the development of the dog.

Students are reminded that as they take this course, that canines are different from humans. They are not able to verbalise their aches, pains, and other concerns. This course will help you to spot the early signs that provide insight into their health concerns and help to better guide you to determining what is wrong with the dog. The course also tackles what to expect from dogs when they are unwell and the daily health checks you can carry out to help prevent a problem from escalating. After all, proactive treatment helps to improve the general health and quality of life thus preventing more serious problems later on.

Anyone interested in providing care for canines will find this course is one of the most beneficial ones they will have access to. Take a moment to enrol in this course today and begin learning the care and welfare requirements that these animals need. It is also a great choice to expand into other areas of dog care people might choose to get into like dog walkers, exercisers, trainers, groomers, and similar roles.

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Course Price:  £165

(Course cost is all inclusive of tutoring fees, assessments, materials and course registration)

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