Canine Aggression

1 Day Canine Aggression Practical Course

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1 Day Canine Aggression
Practical Course

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Canine Aggression Practical

As a one-day canine aggression course, students will have a chance to better understand the theory and practical handling of aggressive animals.

This course takes a closer look at the body language of canines, along with the approach a person can take to modify the current behavior of the animal. Finally, a hands on experience look at bite avoidance can help those who intend to work with dogs to gain a better understanding of what can be done.

What to Expect

Students will also take a closer look at other critical areas of aggression with canines. This includes how stress can play a role, what is the difference between aggression and being aggressive, what responses will produce different results. Also explored is the role of nature versus nurture when dealing with these animals. Students will experience many examples first hand and how to address these concerns and a real handler will help to guide them step by step with an effective approach. Due to the nature of the course, students must attend the day course in person. Only certain dates are available for this course, so it is important to contact us so that we can help you to determine a date that works best for you.

As part of the canine aggression course, students will cover The Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991. This touches on the law and what owners should know to avoid becoming disqualified from owning an animal for a specific period of time. With certain breeds and mixes that are now illegal, this course touches on everything the responsible owner needs to know in order to be successful with their dog ownership or their business handling these animals. .

While taking the course, students will have a chance to look at the most common things that can trigger an aggressive attack in these animals. The instructor of the course will give some insight into what goes through the dog’s mind, and how to begin to stimulate them in a different direction, so you can avoid a problem from arising. At the same time, students will have the chance to explore different devices that can be used with their training. This includes things like electric shock therapy and how it affects the dog both psychologically and physically. That way, students can determine if it is an okay approach for the more aggressive animals that they end up caring for.

Who Should Take the Course

This course is perfect for those who are interested in helping dogs, and wanting to keep everyone around all animals safe. No matter if a dog is upset and agitated and needs guidance, or simply looking to defend itself because it is scared, this course will effectively give everyone the tools and information they need to prevent things getting out of hand. Including spotting the early signs of aggression and diverting them, so you can avoid a minor situation from escalating to the point where people might actually be hurt. All that and more is available when you go through the entire course.

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